viernes, 4 de mayo de 2012

Zenues. TEST FOR A NEW VISION OF Zenues. RESEARCH Zenues. the latest research on Zenues called TEST FOR A NEW VISION OF Zenues "of a member of the Academy of History Cordoba.En it raises the importance of this ethnic group, their role in the conquest of America, as a supply center of food and agricultural pantry continente.El historian makes the first compilation of ancient writings, on the chroniclers, who refirierona the "Wider UNSC", a name with which the Spanish conquerors met our region. presents a thesis more complete and matured, the First American Horticultural culture, crossing historical data collected from actual ancient texts and modern scientific research Dolmatoff, Clemencia Plazas and Anna Maria Falcetti, among others, and reveals for the 'first time underlying a niche that had gone unnoticed by researchers in the mists of ancient history, which is the categorical statement of the chronicler Pedro Simon, who said flatly that the cultivation of maize came from 'South-America and not the center, MESO-Andean region, from which the essayist part to support the thesis, that the most suitable region for its natural conditions and rich water on the continent, were and still are the plains of Colombian Caribbean, where he developed a culture more agricultural vocation of the continent and other regions where scientific studies of paleontology, carbon 14, and metallurgy have endorsed such claims, which is undoubtedly a contribution to the deciphering of interesting aspects of human history.