viernes, 4 de mayo de 2012

TRIAL TO NOTARIES. Embezzlement of public property and CITIZENS SCAMS in this country that blew so much has happened nefarious, that one more does not mean anything. Yesterday the major Colombian newspapers denounced as through the Notaries, sites, which should be sacred niches where public faith rests immaculate. politicians and paramilitaries had taken over large parts of the country. Relate 600,000 hectares, which is to say that are at least one million hectares. The President has announced that it will investigate defalcadores Notaries. No fishing only have to investigate, create a search block to detect the frauds gaandes additionally state surveillance placing these establishments! Who said all Notaries are no grounds, or worse Notary own! where you can make and redress wrongs, as reyesuelos arcane universe, we need to introduce an amendment to the Superintendency of Notaries and Registration. superintendent who has nothing. The notaries are the vital center of society itself, it is recorded as one total traffic of real estate,-nothing more and nothing less. Thousands of trading, not counting thousands of authentications of documents This volume of records can not escape the reading of the notary, or the electronic systematization, with its control mechanisms, for continuous or repeated operations such as which certain servicers run automatically in the offices should at least arouse suspicion of officials and especially to the notary. They can continue to grow under the employee notice, chain scammers. AUTHENTICATION OF THE SALE OF LOT ONE INMUEBL ON LAND WHERE THE REGISTERED OWNER is not the seller, should generate suspicion and opened from the same notice a preliminary investigation, with copies to the Attorney General's Office. In the case of Private Pirate "Morocco", of whose eviction, or was advised or intended for city authorities, who surprises the Mayor should order an investigation. Facts are processed by police investigators that while the district depend on the order comes from municipal judges, to whom can not resist the high officials. The impact of a violent operation, to which should arrive by the negligence and corruption of Notaries, can have tremendous consequences on the prestige. These people merce our solidarity. and our support, since they were cheated of the contest material notaries, who resides in the public faith as has been said, and if such deception is enough because we believe that the Constitutional H.Corte will understand, the District will protect them touch and relocate. FDO. HUMBERTO FERNANDEZ BUSTS