viernes, 4 de mayo de 2012

SUPPORT FOR A NEW CAMPAIGN PETRO A citizen who worked in Bogota, with merits of a good citizen, has just joined the campaign of Petro. it is nothing hands of the citizen who holds greater civic actions by Bogota. 1. Guardianship ADVOCACY GROUPS OF PUBLIC TRANSPORT USERS OF BOGOTA. They remember the human clusters, as detartalados buses on a street in Bombay. , well this city, began the great transformation of Bogota!. IS DR. HUMBERTO FERNANDEZ BUSTS. That's nothing, remember year 95 DATACREDIT O AND DATA BANKS, the famous blacklisted defaulters., PROTECTION AGAINST THE DATA BANKS AGAINST Datacrédito FAILED. GUARDIANSHIPS ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL RIGHTS GROUPS IN AMERICA. That same citizen stated publicly - that he most honored to assume that PETRO important challenge. Here we do not have to look who is the candidate, who denounced the gigantic fraud.! That had the civil courage to face the powerful of this country - should be the Mayor of Bogota, have the opportunity to choose morning as PRESIDENT OF COLOMBIA!. fdo. HUMBERTO FERNANDEZ BUSTOS