viernes, 4 de mayo de 2012

SAN PEDRO SANTA MARTA.VILLA ALEJANDRINO.MAUSOLEO CRITICISM OF TREMENDOUS LIBERTADOR Cordovan historian, dr. Humberto Bustos Fernndez in his interesting TEST FOR A NEW VISION OF Zenúes, where the historian gives a hit that baseball fans, called TREBAY, since in addition to starting a devastating criticism against those who think that the Caribbean Ethnicity Zenú, could eventually be any ethnicity of the pile, one enters hundreds more who inhabited the Caribbean litoreño, the position of this culture as the first and most important of America, explaining the reasons detailed architecture inwhichthe argument is founded its approach, as well as explain how this culture became the original base, from which descend the present inhabitants of five coastal departments. The simultaneous double bases, to criticize the socio-economic phenomenon of the primitive accumulation of capital, without which the philosopher Marx is busy, the vast resources of precious metals exaccionó Europe to America, adding to the disdain with his diatribe that the greatest philosopher of scientific socialism, showed for the Independence of America. If that ruling had made his half-century earlier, perhaps none of us had been Marxist. But it does not stop there - after the universal approach, what is considered the TREBAY understood, ie homer three bases for those who do not understand baseball. Anyone we know, had been launched in hand, against the Mausoleum itself BOLIVAR in SAINT PETER fifth Alexandrian!. Eye gentlemen of the Academy of History, Santa Marta authorities responsible for the Mausoleum. Says ....... essayist. "Bolivar with the same ordeal of traveling the globe terráque two and a half of walking, horse, mule, or by boat, which took half a lifetime to live and spend heavily, founder of 5 republics, liberator of Indians and blacks unparalleled unique feat unsurpassed by any of the conquerors, ancient or modern, these are the adjectives of José Martí, referring to the work of Bolivar:. words that should adorn the marble of his tomb, where lie the bones of the Liberator, in the city of SantaMartta rather dull and mute plates of unusual museum, whose silence seems a quixotic abstract gag the mouth of the hero and a stubborn mockery of the gift of his word. " Why the narrator is now called to direct the destinies of Cartgena., Campo Elias Dixe Tehran when he said in his comments: "TREBAY Your Shot" the bounced away and do not forget that Cordoba is the proper batter!. AVILEZ fdo.LINA DIAZ. Professional Unioversitario.Unicordoba.Facultad of Business Administration.