viernes, 4 de mayo de 2012

NATIONAL FEDERATION OF TRADE UNIONS AND PUBLIC EMPLOYEES-FENASINTRAP 4 decades ago about an old building in downtown Bogota, perhaps because of the race 3 with lane 8, worked for that time, in 1970 a central organized workers who gathered as its name says all the major unions in public enterprises in Colombia. We, Campo Elias Lozano and I university students from the Caribbean coast, visiting RAFEL PEDROZA AND MANUEL boy in the then President and Vice President of Fenansintrap. We no money in their pockets, but preaching the worker-student aliaza, frequented the house working to gain the experience of struggle, imbued with the cause of the proletariat and understand their aspirations and programs. Pedroza and Manuel and many others that memory does not remember entering the mists of the past, were of course a formidable leaders, strong personality and an outstanding attitude convener, around which hundreds of 'trade union leaders from all regions of the country, lived their exciting experience. The phones never stopped ringing, commissions came and went. The house had a long corridor that overlooked a courtyard and its sides were well arranged rooms, all now converted into rooms, tables and stalls is an uproar. occupying all the rooms in the house. There I met the first mimeograph and learned to sting a extensil, while printing newsletters, memos, announcements and proclamations! - That extraordinary frenzy, that camaraderie socializing. grouped as in a honeycomb reberberante, officiated the brotherhood working. Indeed FENASINTRAP the time of the 70's and for a decade was the most powerful central workers in the country and more consistent with the labor movement. As was the unforgettable leader extraordionario PEDROSA RAFAEL. An interesting anecdote, I have of this character, whom I pay a grateful testimony of admiration. - Was needed to put together a trade union course and required to fill the places of those who were to deliver two courses: History of Labor Movement and Political Economy . -They discussed the fulfillment of contract teachers, the failure of some of them and of course fees,. when finished speaking boy, stood up and said Pedrosa determined voice. ! - Here work, live and even eat with us, Comrade Elijah Field and Partner Bustos, two student leaders in these areas hard-and politically hard-you know them, because they give you the option to earn their fees are ? Retorted one of the officers,-the problem is they are like my pelaos! and you know Rafa is the people who come to these courses! These companions are clear, and if we have accepted is because they can, if left Now fuck is their problem, I do not think! - I vote for them. By that time I was up in the 22 and Campo Elias in the 23, both of you had read Marx's Capital, Nikitin Economy, Political Economy of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, obviously preceded the beginning reading of the Manifesto, and much of the materialistic philosophy including the Anti-during the 4 filoficas Mao's thesis, the 11 volumes of Lenin, the French structuralist Althusser head with Martha Harneker, Ernes Andre Mandel and Gunter Grass. etc.., were part of a romantic generation fighter who chanted the songs of Che Guevara and enthroned in the myth to his figure, he lived the victorious war of Vietnam against the United States, the years of dictatorship in Latin America, May 68 in France, the fall of the Berlin Wall, the rebellion of Praga.y many other events that marked the end of the twentieth century. This is the opportunity to claim before the current union leadership as clarified, consistent and remarkable social activist.