viernes, 4 de mayo de 2012

THE MAYOR OF BOGOTA, PETRO IN THE PARLOR OF THE PRESIDENCY OF COLOMBIA Congratulations people of Bogota, has once again shown that the force of public opnion, disrupts the most complex structures of the electoral machinery, buying of votes and regaladoras of perks . Bogota and his opinion was unveiled and punished the plots of the great extrategas of regional policy of compromise behind closed doors, they were able to reduce to a minimum to a disoriented Mockus who grabbed his Green Party in a cruel and Peñalosa candidate ruthless maneuver, which stuck to the opportunist Garzon, leaving the non-party and without a good number of enthusiastic followers. Following the policy of the fallen drop you, knowing that in any case - this man had an office in Bogota, in a move Parody almost political chess master of evil, thus killing two birds with one stone, - took away the votes had been Mockus, - pass-Petro restándoselos because ultimately these votes would be in this last, and proceeded as in effect was seen on television to be the opponent of the candidate antennas Petro. The accounts came not to tramoyeros and tricks and hoaxes but subtracted votes were not enough. Bogota chose well and chose GUSTAVO PETRO, not because he was the best proposal, not because speak better than others. Plain and simple, great complainant elected the assault on the public purse of Bogota, the man who after the complaint, resigned with pride and dominion of POLO and went with members of the democratic left-a true street-words agreed that corruption or its own coalition partners with the Anapo, representing-the-Rojas Moreno. I got a red card, as it took to President Uribe, in the 8 years of bad government is, then they do not remember the debates of the PARA-POLITICS?; The discussions by the pikes OF DAS, when they were victims he and itself SUPREME COURT.?, who but he dismantled his complaint POSTER OF THE DRUG-POLICY ON THE COAST?, etc. TO THE EPS., PETRO is that the citizen for 10 years has earned the favor of citizens with extraordinary faith of coal, telling the common people, which can expose the corrupt, that if not denounced corruption as a lethal disease of a Managing Body of the State, will not be possible distribution of investment social. And like it or not the people in this city has fincado iron hopes. No no extrañemos of voting behavior assumed in Bogota, and not be surprised at the behavior that other cities will follow their example. Signed Humberto Bustos Fernandez