viernes, 4 de mayo de 2012

THE WORK OF ADRIANO SOSSA RIVERS IN LORICA. MONUMENTAL SCULPTURE I was in the town of Lorica, the land of the chief and third Orika the Spanish mainland people baptized in America, 1501-1509, San Jose-Orika, reported in Summa of Geography, Ojeda issued after San Sebastian Urabá and Santa Maria la Antigua del Darién.Caían the shadows of the night on the town and lit lamps at the same time and in the parks and from concrete poles has planted all along the river avanida, light electrical storm showed the sublime as a long mirror, whose ends are undían in the most impenetrable darkness. There from the north, and flows into the sea, the first Europeans to land the BIG UNSC in search of gold earrings Earrings and the Indians traded for Espejillos and stained glass. He was fascinated with the evocation, when I saw on the right side of the wall where the very old Agricultural Bank building, a reinforced wall on grids, representing different scenes in the old city market. When I approached the impressive artistic work I wanted to check, who would have been its author? Written with humility appeared on the left side of the signature of its creator Adriano. In the center and in print in clay and below the figure of Manuel Zapata Olivella, the poetic words of a writer of the earth, Alexis shoe table, immortalized by the sculptor, who incidentally is imortaliza with such work is not far behind in pictorial art, the most famous frescoes of world art. As an extraordinary work of outstanding aesthetic beauty, which recreates a unique experience, which are still preserved historical and cultural vestiges of the town of Lorica and the Caribbean region, especially in the savannas of Córdoba, Sucre and Bolivar, cultural authorities and especially the mayor of the city, shall take steps to protect access to the wall .. On the beautiful wall art upholstered, excitement and glory of the great author, there are abrasions. the currencies of two children playing innocent rang the fourth.! Adrianos would in all municipalities of Cordoba