viernes, 4 de mayo de 2012

June 1 GUSTAVO PETRO. "The Lone Ranger" Gustavo Petro, the tireless and formidable opposition senator, the man who for 7 years from the Colombian Parliament, fought a fair fight with the most powerful president in South America, Uribe Velez, denouncing as drug trafficking seize the state and Colombian society, seems to have been only once, dared to denounce the corruption within his own party, in the administration of Samuel Moreno. He gave battle in the POLO and when those closed ranks around the back of the first district officer, proceeded to give up the party. What happened to CAMILO GONZALEZ Poso, and all the intellectual left,? they did not dare to take the next step, hoping to consolidate in a city hall, perhaps the most corrupt few have noticiado in the country. That left waiting bureaucratic imposts, 1 -) Not left, 2 -) should join who was its undisputed leader and will remain in the country by nucho time yet. MUST BE DREAMING A NEW PARTY dr. Petro: It occurs to me or ALLIANCE NATIONAL FEDERATION OF DEMOCRATIC MOVEMENT, which can integrate all legally constituted associations of intellectual workers, professional associates from all areas, Small political parties and movements, which can be formally invited by a called for unity. In any case Mockus be collected as citizens' movement, since the mockusianos soon will be absorbed by the party of the U., which already came with open arms PEÑALOSA Doctor, whom we now call Dr. Peña forward-lisa, who not content with surrender him, proceeds to jinetearse followers Mockus, taking them to Uribe. That pod. Garzon, you're running to where the wind blows best, looking airearte, waiter, because you keep waiting and Mockus. That pod Dr.Mockus that for pride, on the one hand - you smoke rose and candor on the other, which is nothing but lack of wisdom to interpret the policy, you have rejected an alliance with Petro, the recent past, to meet with Peñalosa, now he is returning the favor, plucking party and everything. For now I suggest a good Council. Make a statement, and retire with his people PEÑA-LISA, you better have something that does not have nada.Políticamente, Citizen Movement, Green Party, Democratic Left with petro, may be an option for mayor and component DISTRICT a national alliance. Moreover PEÑALOSA without Green Party has no acceptance in Bogota and desemmascarado would once and for all!. Thus the great Lone Ranger, is waiting Mockus, wants to be "sitting bull".