viernes, 4 de mayo de 2012

INSTITUTION "ACTION AGAINST HUNGER". UN-FAO-ANDRES GUARD LEEWARD ZENU.SAN vehicles observe this global organization, with its extra long antennae, placed on the bumpers of their powerful 4x4 trucks, scrolling by urban and rural areas of our country. I wonder how many times have come, the moody landscapes, stationed on either side of the winding roads through the guard of San Andrés de Sotavento, MEXION territory and Zenú ancestral home town. I wonder ACTION AGAINST HUNGER will have given much assistance to our communities? figure the natives of this vast region in their programs? FAO is aware of its existence and its necessity. It has aired on an international intolerable neglect, in which the Colombian state has. these communities, which may represent the most proud bastion of national identity. THE O.N.U. does the same to repair injury to both his wealth, and so much offense to his dignity? The same Spain and Europe through you should be ashamed of their silence than 5 centuries, faced with this ancient Native copper skin, which drags in the steppe sabanarera, his heavy burden, he has given up one day and distant, in the explosion of gunpowder, at the mouth of a musket, and by the hands of a privateer, her grace, her poise, her peaceful civilization, your wits,. or is it perhaps a revered book in the world's libraries, which recounts the conquest of America, incunabula treasure of humanity, does not indicate their destination superior people?. SUMMA OF GEOGRAPHY Fernandez de Enciso, the third major chronicler of the Indies, after Columbus, refers to these people as the wonder of creation, even with its disappointments, of not belonging to the flock of God. Well the people on whose tombs, temples and cemeteries, the Europeans found tons of gold, more than anywhere in the world with which the Spanish Crown had paid all its debts, gold and precious metals that allowed Europe large primitive accumulation of capital, and development of its industrial revolution., and the establishment of the first global banking and its great leap to modern capitalism. Also inmimaginables eral builder, whose engineering, such as the Nazca figures can only be seen in its majestic significance, since the etherealness of heaven, he was presented to humanity, knowledge of the cultivation of corn, grass incomparable, not only protein for its wealth, but because it is based on feeding the world. Also because they are the most expert growers, horticultural first culture of America, 10,000 BC (Montes de Maria, Colombia), the town grew in the valleys, which like the Tigris and Euphrates are the richest in the world in plant bark and nutrients, the seed of SESAME, as did all ancient cultures, unlike Zenues of these are the ones who found a value added to its attributes, the resistance to the biodegradability of the food base for solving the problem of famine affecting different parts of the world .. Today 500 years later, we're talking about Reparacionn, justice, safeguarding Zenues of San Andres de Sotavento, including all native peoples of America, deserve in the RACE-DAY OF OCTOBER 12, 1492 commemorative OF A HISTORIC APOLOGY -EXECUTED AS AN ECONOMIC REPAIR ASSISTANCE AND PROTECTORATE OF TWO INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS. FAO and the UN. Signed. Humberto Bustos Fernandez.Dr, in law and science políticas.Miembro History of the Academy of Cordoba.