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History of the Zenú Amerindians. RACE DAY ONE REASON FOR COMPENSATION The October 12, 1492 there is the discovery of America. estantandarte the ships with the Spanish, touch American soil. At that time, especially for humanity, for it is transcendent as being held for the first time more widespread recognition of the blockade globe and begins to collapse all the theories that viewed the earth as a huge plane. From day it is should be revalued, the heliocentric theory is at the forefront of scientific discussion, the planets revolve around the Sun, and these in turn revolve around its own axis (rotation) while paths described orbits, called (motion of translation.), The Discovery of America is the fundamental test of sphericity. Then Europe because America, the physical possibility of completing his knowledge of the world. But Europeans have asked this century, as represented as an accelerator for the Great Industrial Revolution of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, the huge cargo of gold and silver product of violent plunder, sent to the Spanish Crown, the Kingdom of Portugal and England itself. What would have happened and how many centuries had been delayed this process?. That would have been of German bankers, French and English and the unusual development of the banking world, without the backing of precious metals that required their emerging currencies?. What happened to Marx the philosopher and economist most important in Europe, the father of historical materialism and scientific socialism, the role of America inadvirtiendo in his speech of the primitive accumulation of capital, a contrario than I expected and provided for Humboldt fellow, an America brimming with historical possibilities for science, politics,?. Why the neglect, the importance of America in the great industrial revolution, and why its unique silent on the independence of our revolutionary process? Bolivar himself, with his colossal odyssey to defeat the second military power on the old continent, touring the globe twice and a half, on foot, by mule or on horseback, canoe and boat, which took half my life to live and spend heavily, founder of 5 republics, and liberator of Indians and blacks unparalleled, unrepeatable feat unsurpassed by any of the conquerors, ancient or modern, these are the adjectives of JOSE MARTI, referring to the work of Bolivar, words should adorn the marble tomb of his eternal, where lie the bones of the Liberator, in the city of Santa Marta and not dull and mute plates of unusual museum, whose silence abstract, like a mouth gag quijotezca hero and a stubborn mockery of the gift of his word. - Accounts less happy to answer the question, -? Of which was profit, which won Europe from America, claim that such a fortune in cash, not including emeralds, copper and other precious metals, could be 2,000 tons 22,000 of gold and silver, besides emeralds and other precious metals. You ever seen desantrañado greatest treasure of the American forests and their natural, carried more appalling exploitation in mines and tunnels, which in less than half a century, brought down to its native population to 1/4 of the that found and recorded those gentlemen, in his Chronicles of the Indies. Or as explained infamous removals of the population of the African continent to ours, martyred and to satisfy their delusional eclavizada gold rush half a century later? Zenúes, caribbean, Tairona, Muisca Chibcha, Inca, Maya, Aztecs, Aztecs in South America and Central and SIUK And in North Dakota, to name the most important cultures, must be restored historically, at least restore their contribution to the European powers of the time. contribution treated as a tax obligation imposed by force that powers our aboriginal conquerors and natives of these lands. Which under international law, enshrined years later, not a source of law, so until those non rezarsan colonial powers to their communities, then and now stripped of worldly goods and covered in small shelters of modernity, will not heal the indelible scars of the conquest of America. ? HOW TO START REPAIR PROCESS OF VOLUNTARY? . Communities such as The Zenú of the Caribbean Coast, -1 -) the first great culture known by the Spanish conquistadors, 2 -) The food pantry large overseas Spain 3 -) factor for the conquest of America, as it was the first friendly tribe, entirely peaceful, as their particular mode of production, shipping point, to supply the first two successful colonies in america cities SANTAMARTA AND CARTAGENA, also doubly important because it was the largest gold aprovisionadora that took Spain for two centuries of predation,. . One piece the "porcupine" is how the Golden Fleece from biblical times, the larger piece and weight sent to Spain by Don Pedro de Heredia, such as weighing, 4. 1/2 pounds of pure gold, found in the region MOMPOXINA before attacking other temples Zenues in 1534. but not least, single burial mound, removed 19,000 castellanos of gold, and the mounds and shrines cientos.Segun went from historical records of the colony, the city of Cartagena, Striffer story, explorer, French engineer and chemist , held for 10 years at the expense of a shipment of gold brought from the Sinu The Zenú given their special knowledge of agriculture, were implanted by the Spanish themselves throughout the Caribbean Coast and the West Indies Central America, and socialized knowledge throughout this vast area. - The invading culture takes hold forever in a special-dominated culture, to strengthen the invasion process, in this very special case, Zenú culture and ethnicity as such, fulfilled that role .. BUSTOS HUMBERTO FERNANDEZ, Dr.en law and political science, member of the Academy of History of Cordoba. Colombia South America.Deshacer cambios