viernes, 4 de mayo de 2012

THE HAY FESTIVAL OF LITERATURE IN CARTAGENA Interesting show the Pleiades, which handles the literature in Colombia. Very good for the very good and interesting lectures on theater, art and Latin American literature in all its cultural manifestations. concerts, recitals, talks. and conferences. Very good for the socialization of culture, but very bad for the ignorance of the writers of the Coast, and who are not left or to mediate in a reprint as enpoderadas peaks of the stale rooms, the very distinguished city of Cartagena de Indies. I saw a troop of officials of the Ministry of culture, taken for each input and piñata the top of the stalls is: the happy fun chatting spent more than an opportunist by becoming a writer, hobnobbing with the guests, or participating in the reality as speaker, interviewee, which can not miss an event of this nature. Some have "pedigree" with honorary titles as expresindentes-which is not enough for first-starring in the festival, believing even after many presentations, which should feature in such acts of Cervantes spirit cultivated and made to include name and any price. Case of former President Betancourt who should by now be retired party and collected in his palace, then left to destroy the other, the assassination of Justice board and gross violation of human rights, the president also annoyed with his hackneyed poetic rant. Very good discussion group of the Venezuelan-Boris Izaguirre-finalist prize planet, whose frivolity and ease asitente captivated audiences in the conference room of the Church of Santodomingo, showing high intellectual mischief and extraordinary sense of humor, tinged with a distinguished mannerisms, that kept the audience on the edge of ecstasy. By contrast compatriot Gustavo Guerrero, sinned by boasting of his fellow-including two Europeans, one Italian and one French-German, but nice in its presentation of the subject. Maybe he went to his head ANAGRAM publishing the award, which is not unusual if the prize is of another publisher. Gustavo modest that all he had of his presentation was not talking about his work, won indulgences stepping over the shoulders of Camilo Jose Cela, Nobel laureate for literature, telling the adventures of his youth. That's what his winning work: "History of a commission" which the former dictator review Perez Jimenez was able to hire Cela in his youth and passing through Venezuela, to write his novel Catira. Without having read the Venezuelan awarded by ANAGRAM, does not seem right to walk on the shoulders of others to advance own, when that cause is a smear in the person of the author, whose merits have been recognized by all its work ... !, But the way the writer and now editor of a French publisher, the hilarity caused me to be expressed fantochería with Latin American writers, along with his fellow members an Italian editor and publisher of another German lady. For them the Latin American writers are worth little or nothing, and write in Castilian is outside competition. We recommended to the haggard European vision, which has the date, solicitaromos first be translated into English, and then maybe have a little chance in Europe. Latin American literature, according to the panelists had come to an end. I was silent, I reviewed the European map in my memory, economic crisis, Greece and Italy in Bankruptcy, behind Spain and the whole community, turned the world map, and showed the great American book market collapsed., With the fall of the dollar into a tailspin ! I will buy books that Europeans, if they just reach for food .. and which the Americans, if they are picking up their homes?. I kept thinking beyond the delirium ... Just a dozen years, Europe will not speak Spanish. Today thousands speak it, enhanced by the Barcelona Football club, in every city, children want to be Messi, and the myth of the invincible century, the despair will shout the word in Spanish gool their throats squeezed. Today more gringos speak Spanish and English to South American English. The co-relation has changed. Or is it not true that in several U.S. cities, the language of the street is the Quixote? who are clueless