viernes, 4 de mayo de 2012

THE GREAT DEBATE BY THE MAYOR OF BOGOTA. , All arrived on time, minus that cre {ia winner: Peñalosa. Must come last as it was the only expected by journalists!. That pod-including babyfood was with child hair-London, our former vice president!. as they say the ambush against Petro, was well planned with bul-dog and all. The mainstream press can not leave anything out of control. The scene had two reporters in female representation, inevitable part of the show put on by the Colombian TV. The first keen to reveal to the public, that information Nule to Petro-halgo was because there was between the two. He spoke in dollars-more like the stage was for her and not to those interviewed, his tone was also very bright and intellectual skills of low-level, at least if you saw it in the shed. As for the second, I forget the name, but it is brilliant TV presenter, did not shine nor the intelligence of their questions, and through them to create opportunities for analysis, with relevant considerations. Key in the same cliff, which fell all journalists, which is to draw their own conclusions, when the audience it deserves them!. Please gentlemen journalists, this is a debate on television, let the public form their own opinion, not direct or manipulate!. Even when Dr. Felipe Lleras? commentators across these shabby. Now as to the respondents. Peñalosa completed his paper-boy, an expert in recruitment, hard worker, but for categories 5 and 6 which has the virtue of putting on Saturdays and Sundays busito red or green and pat out to roan to, as if they conviviera.y adding, difficulty with difficulty, down from the pantheon of gods CLUB-jokey to the "terrible" wetlands of sour beer, and sausage Bogota. With Penalosa if there were no questions in bulk, such as those lehizo Petro journalist. Neither did he pareciditas Parody to Petro, not by who invited her to join his staff. - No bags or answered the bald, not vusted is POLO -. What the hell POLO or Petro replied! - Finally pulled the nail-This old is attacking an hour ago! and this jerk him up, flowers! Hence if all hell broke Troy. - Never trust a puedca ñejera! , Where he goes, is doing is evil. Here I was allied with Mokcus to take the votes of guájaro and sumarselos I know who! Whom should be inquisitive bird? Not that aliandome Mokcus bag with a good vote, and when you have it in my hands it over to Peñalasón. It was so desemascarada Dr. PARODY-SON and confirmed for the umpteenth time, that is not a Dopey Mockus, but a tonton in politikon. Atte. Plebis INNOCENCE.