viernes, 4 de mayo de 2012

FERNANDO GARCIA MAYORGA Doctor. "A LONG WALK CONSTITUTIONAL 1812-1991" ACH Interesting lecture in the auditorium of the University Corporation CECAR, the city of Monteria, issued the notorious constitutional historian, professor emeritus of several capital's universities, Dr. FERNANDO GARCIA MAYORGA. The conference theme was certainly complex: "A long journey from 1812-1991 constitutional" provided a large audience, and to enlist balconies. Indeed the curriculum of the speaker is justified splendor, as to be unraveling the ball of what has been our republican framework, through the desenredos to do among so swell reformatory. Regional constitutions that retained the figure of the deposed monarch, on condition impossible, "always to come to rule in these towns" and the three-way division of public authority, conception of the French Enlightenment, the first block of constitution of cities and provinces New Granada, was presented by the distinguished speaker in great detail, historical accuracy, and plenty of anecdotes, which shows the sharp and deep knowledge of the subject. A second act, He referred to the factual events, not the proper legal historical journey of what was called "The Boba country", - subsequent-Independence, that crown in great detail, the path of liberation. This segment touches the Constitution of Angostura, 1819 and that of the town of Rosario de Cucuta, 1821, where they begin and the Bolivarian discensiones between Santanderistas. Here I wish the speaker, it has been held a little longer. I think the humble servant of history, the conflict between federalist and centralist Santander Bolivar, terms not found in philosophy and political science, about which regime-Federalist or Centralist is suitable for the new state, which results from these two Constitutions, especially this discussion ultima.El core underlying this period, is the disappearance of New Granada as a state and the creation of a new republic, whose President, the former chief of Venezuela's minority partner, with the aggravating circumstance that the similar, the chief of the majority partner, General Santander, is become a figurehead of General Bolivar .. That is in my view the root cause of the dissolution of Gran Colombia. The facts will agree with the constitution of the Republic of New Granada, which is established when installed in power Santander in 1832. The constitution is a political recovery Santanderist political power of New Granada over its vast territory. Annotation in the same direction was made by the distinguished historian and member of the Academy CARLOS RESTREPO PIEDRAITA. obviously the extent of the issue, do not give depth in some chapters of the constitutional history of Colombia, as well as not inquired about it the illustrious speaker, which justifies its reservation on the point at issue. The fourth cycle, is the constitution until 1886, the most durable of all, as you put a pause prolonged period of previous constitutional instability, and ends with 1991, with emphasis on popular and democratic character of this, stating that previous constitutions in the constitutional history of the republic, were issued by a small circle of people, equivalent to 5% of the popula contrario in 1991, the first national consensus. In this state ends his lecture Dr. Fernando Mayorga, who ACADEMY OF HISTORY OF CORDOBA thanks for your kind and careful presentation, announcing his appointment as Corresponding Member. I would add to their outstanding notes on the Constitution of the / 91 that this extraordinary history of several 1991.tiene namely: Among the constituent acts and deeds, not mentioned by any historian, include: 1. SYMBOLIC OF CLOSING BY CONGRESS WITH UNIVERSITY STUDENTS NATIONAL REPRESENTATION OF ALL SCHOOLS IN THE COUNTRY. Every day for a week students alrrededor nation's capitol with placards referring. "Closing the Congress, this Congress is closed, etc." 2.-THE BALLOT OF MARCH 11. HISTORICAL FACT AND NO BACKGROUND IN CONSTITUTIONAL HISTORY OF THE MODERN WORLD. TENS OF THOUSANDS OF TEENS WITH COLOMBIA flags, COPAN THE OFFICERS OF VOTING AND peacefully between dance and song, SUGGEST THAT INCORPORATE A VOTER BALLOT, YOUR CANDIDATE ADDITIONAL PREFERENCES TO PRAY: YOU WANT A NATIONAL CONSTITUTIONAL ASAMBLE-SAY YES OR NO. Although the registrar, said to tell or not to count on anything alter the decision to vote for the elections contained mitaca, it was an additional document "were the words of the registrars and judges that the famous ballot far exceeds the votes for candidates "APPROXIMATELY 2,600,000 ballots. taking into account the final vote obtained. 3.-UP OF THE TORCH night and day on THE PALACE OF THE SUPREME COURT H.CORTE from the day the decree was issued, and until the day of judgment, which would decide on Decree 927 issued by the President of the Virgilio Barco republic under the special powers of the state of siege and in reference to the Agreement of parties and political movements for the Constitutional Assembly, obtained at the Casa de Nariño. FINAL BALLOT 4.LA OFFICIALLY INCORPORATED IN THE VOTING RECORD OF THE VOTE IN ELECTIONS MAY 31, FOR PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC, he prayed. "Vote for President of the Republic of Colombia por_________________quedaba the space to write the name of the eligible and seguidamnente said the form and empowered to convene a constitutional assembly sealed by a vote about the 7,600,000 which gave legal entry and letter navigation to the 1991 Constitution .. .. Humberto Bustos Fernandez fdo