viernes, 4 de mayo de 2012

ELECTED TO A CHARGE Zenú Bogota Mayor GUSTAVO PETRO elected Mayor in the capital of Colombia: Bogotá, hails from the town of Cienaga de Oro, in the lower Sinu, Cordoba Departasmento, ancestral home of the communities Indians called Zenues that roamed throughout the Colombian Caribbean. It is a source of pride for Orenses. or Loranos-from the "Loro" as heard proverbially among its people, the public market of the city, one of his sons, raised in one of the cities Zipas precisely Zipaquirá reach such an honorable position. The biblical parable of Joseph, no repeats in the sands of Egypt, but in the cold altiplanice Bogota, only this time there was no sale of the eminent young man, but adoption, which justifies a fortiori the lofty appointment. Bustos Fdo.Humberto Fernndez