viernes, 4 de mayo de 2012

colciencias and economic theory of subsystem .. humberto engránico colciencias busts is an institution designed for the prospective futurological colombiana.El epistemological knowledge and scientific research that generates new formulations will consider therefore attempts paradigmas.El creative new approach theoretical, based on the mechanical analogy of relationship between the chain drive of a bicycle, its mechanism of way and the dishes of the same, applied social sciences, in this case to the economy, it is seen as valid, so that the author addresses one of the most complex paradigms of the twentieth century is that the axiom goes down for so long regarded as stable, that mode of production-economic and political regime are syncretics and monolithic in each stage are concatenated. This explains the dialectical materialism to explain in turn the historical evolution of societies and ways of produccion.Por example: A socilista regime, it will be a socialist mode of production in the same manner and for the same paradigmatic relation to a regime capitalist mode of production shall capitalista.Lo again the author is that it breaks with the highest absolute and raises for the first time since the epistemological point of view, how bound equation is not true and not true, and it is possible to create from social activism, an economic regime that serves to both systems., founded in the very reasons stated by the way, both systems have profited from the role and function of the forces that reform productivas.Advierte capitalism is a form further capitalist development, and this model than the one stated by economist Muhammad Yunnus, based on the creation of social enterprises