viernes, 4 de mayo de 2012

books of the Colombian Caribbean coast. "A NEW VISION OF Zenues" It circulates in the libraries of Santa Marta, Cartagena, Barranquilla, Monteria and Sincelejo the most recent historical research on the Zenues. The author presents new insights and new formulations of the paramount role of this community in the Colombian Caribbean. Among its revelations is perhaps the most important made ​​in recent times, that went unnoticed by all historians: ELCultivo maize, the staple food worldwide originated in the "Wider Cenu" in the Colombian Caribbean , formulation based on the assertion of some of the Spanish chroniclers, who is the first categorically, to 1600 states that the crop came from South America, Fray pedro simon. The research is based on research and scientific findings Dolmatoff widely known-is the first determiner of vegetable cultures of America, those of paleontology, and early metallurgy clemency Falcetti Squares and Ana Maria crossed with the investigation of the early chroniclers of Indian , concluded that such original culture is Zenú maize. 'FIRST MAKES A categorical assertion with scientific reasons-históricas.que fundadasd be splendid news for the Caribbean-