viernes, 4 de mayo de 2012

Between Bolivar and Santander. A neogranadino digressions! That history has been unfair with Santander. This formidable national hero who the current Colombian, we owe so much that we invariably consider as the true father of his country. I'm sure estamosa not usurping the title of the Liberator, as the liberator he was 5 and nations and that is glory enough, and honorable title that surpasses made by other heroes, without for that reason neglect ignoring history stages and moments of the same, in which the wisest man of the New Granada, and the most lucid of his generals, gallantly opposed unwaivable compromise the independence of the neogradaninos, who by the will of the representatives of VENEZUELA the province, aiming to convert to New Granada in a new territory to be called Colombia, express will of the Liberator Bolivar, and the famous constitution of ANGOSTURA THE YEAR 1819 which practically annexed de facto, under the absolute authority a liberator CHAIRMAN the Viceroyalty of New Granada. It's time to restore the name and the figure, the creator of nationality, FRANCISCO DE PAULA SANTANDER whose first civilian and democratic public action in defense of the interests of the NEW GRANADA, confederated for the formation of THE GREAT COLOMBIA, was the creation of STATE CASANARE. "The union of New Granada and Venezuela in a large state, has been the uniform vote of the people and governments of these republics. Luck of the war has verified this link as desired by all Colombians. In fact we incorporados.Estos people you have trusted brothers and their interests, their rights and their destinations. " LIBERATOR-PRESIDENT. Congress of Angostura, 1819!. But to be justified to the Liberator-President of that constituted de facto regime, inherently anti-democratic because they were not representatives of New Granada, or had not arrived and had to be postponed its covención, pending arrival of the representatives of the first Current State had the republic of Colombia. The state of Casanare, created by General Santander to speed marching events, and to give a cloak of legality to the election, while the structure was building a state to give legal basis for his army of Casanare, as representative of the one people of New Granada which was free from Spanish power, and having no legal representation of a free people, was to merceded of the Constitution of Angostura in a strange land of the province VENEZUELA, and directed by the Venezuelan isignes ANTONONIO ZEA FRANCISCO AND BOLIVAR LIBERATOR. For some time I knew the General Santander, the prejudices of the Venezuelan general, IRAP, PAEZ and resistance to the military leadership of the Neo-gradanino, reasons that allowed him to sense the potential political advantages that one of the two partners, or all three they were going to be the REPUBLIC OF COLOMBIA, Predicted by Bolivar, becoming willing to take such a convention, without the participation of the State of Cundinamarca, and all the peoples who formed the New Granada. The letters of clarification of General Santander to Bolivar General are telling testimony of those anxious hours, claiming to gneral Bolivar, clearly from the legal standpoint-legal, on the procedures and the formation of the will of the people in trance of freedom, which had a different tradition, along with some institutions themselves, as those of New Granada. So much so that to name their delegates including VERGARA JOSE MARIA, it must first establish the state of Casanare, Securing the participation of the other provinces of New Granada, and establishing him the liberator and Congresode Angostura, that decisions taken in such prevented Congress could not have but the temporary character and at no time compromise the will of the people of the union. This gesture of Santander adhered to the legality and honesty supreme with the State of Cundinamarca and the other States of New Granada, weighed in the balance of equilibrium of the liberator, one day in the service of the State of Bolivar, the great campaign began admirable against the Spanish power, the province of Santa Marta, which then, with troops meramenete New Granada, Venezuela began the campaign to liberate his homeland, and now after a few victories were ephemeral, calling himself Liberator - President, Commander-in- Patriots head of armies, placing him in an awkward position of officer, without further authority to direct the fate of the war. Bolivar and this is justified as the founding father, the time needed for the Constitution of Angostura, enter into agreements with the representatives of England, and such was his need, he would have invested them not only of the military authority as head of the armies, but as ruler of a foreign nation, with legal capacity to meet the borrowing. There is no other way to explain the urgent need for Bolivar to Santander, with whom he would play again after obtained the freedom of Quito and to Upper Peru, and especially with the creation of the State of Bolivia, never in a federalist law-abiding, and as one manager of public affairs of the republic and in training, would allow the new Granada to bear 80% of the costs of the war, conform a dictatorial state, almost monarchical as it raised Bolivar, hiding behind reasons of public interest supreme, and fearful of an uprising in those distant latitudes. In fact the thesis emerged in the new grenade, fed from the first day of AGOSTURA CONGRESS OF 1819, and esata crisis again established as the breeding ground of the rivalry between those who wanted to take sides in favor or in favor of Bolivar the man of laws, the largest republished in that time. Perhaps Bolivar and Napoleon in his old age shelter the thesis, to be Emperor? Nobody will know it was republished as he could to obscure the great men of the Enlightenment, perhaps when he realized his mistake, contrite with the defections of power and especially with the large cross and put it on the largest and loyal friend, laws, codes, constitutions and revolutions FRANCISCO DE PAULA SANTANDER was removed from power and the men who had loved. Bolivar the greatest of all American leaders, who gave him two and half times around the globe, which freed 5 nations, which freed the slaves and Indians, the wisest of all beings, had been unfair to his greatest and loyal friend, Santander, the man who held them in dus difficulties, the organizer of victory, which emptied all the public rooms of the new grenade to attend, borrowings and expenses of the war .. This fact I could not forgive Bolivar Republican consciousness, as in the turbulent republic of the French Revolution the guillotine had cut off the head of his best men and it happened to Santander. Only at the last moment that the nobility of Bolivar prevented the sacrilegious attack on the friendship, the struggle for independence, and country. When the general discontent was evident, caused in the prejudices of the three great states that made up the new republic of Colombia, Bolivar is on one side and removed the power of governance, security that can not for the While in Colombia, stay a minute longer A lesson we should all learn. -. Disclaimer bravely and will die your soul Santa Martha, but not before summoning the Union, to enter the new path of eternity. Time to restore the name of the founder of nationality, GENERAL FRANCISCO DE PAULA SANTANDER and enhance your figure in eternal marble, next course of Bolivar, in all places and provinces of what was called New Granada, now territory of the REPUBLIC OF COLOMBIA. In the absence of the glorious intervention of Santander, perhaps vain independent and New Granada, not be called COLOMBIA, but REPUBLIC OF VENEZUELA.