viernes, 4 de mayo de 2012

AS ADDRESSING THE PEACE PROCESS IN COLOMBIA NATIONAL SOLUTION TO PROBLEMS TEST: Much has been peace in the last 30 years: We've been three decades in a row, talking about it, without having matured main arrays, or general guidelines, primal-opted the structural basis of a process, therefore something must having the multiplicity of negative experiences, where we did not get anything, and another proposed lot. ADDRESSING AS A PEACE PROCESS. is the most interesting approach for novice critical thinkers reality of the country: After re-reading mountains of paper on the matter, has been removed irresponsibly cxaprichosos under the heads of state, who have led this country. No one has taken seriously, nor democratic accountability, as patriotic task undertaken, as is to provide their fellow citizens the most basic of rights, which is none other than peaceful coexistence, within a regime of freedom, security, solidarity, fraternity and democracy plena.La happiness of peoples, their quiet discourse over time in peace, prosperity and harmony is the beginning and end of the ruins of many Estado.Sobre thesis for peace projects in Colombia, the experience three decades of attempts, unfinished and unused, upright leaves, such as columns and capitals of a Roman temple, over the times that survived, the formulation of a re-routing process in the hands of a tripartite entity consisting of the Government of the Colombian nation, headed by the executive, empowered exceptional national repreesentantes of the Legislative .. and a primary constituyentye represented by ORGANIZED CIVIL SOCIETY, maker of the peace policy, which assumes the power to integrate the process as a constitutional body with limited authority: negotiating peace., under the rule of reducing the armed uprising, and the continuing internal war within the plausible and patriotic desire to safeguard the supreme interests of the Colombian nation. This approach with other original respects the pillars of the democratic constitution and formation of modern states Republicans. Certain doors to the capricious acts presidential, which in turn appointed commissions and commissioners of peace, and then dissolved by presidential decree, suspend or terminate conversations adrift of their own dictates and pareceres.El approach set out as the most adjusted constitutional structure and the supreme interest of the nation Colombian public, and may be the primal gear for a successful start of delicate issue.