viernes, 4 de mayo de 2012

ACADEMY OF HISTORY OF COLOMBIA AND A NEW VISION OF Zenues An interesting historical research performed Córdoba lawyer and historian, Dr. Humberto Fernandez Bustos on one of the oldest cultures of the Colombian Caribbean coast. This is the Zenú Culture, known for its importance in the development of the metallurgy of gold, considered by the experts in the field, as one of the highest grade on the continent and whose pieces are found in most museums imporantes world. The approach developed by the researcher is novel in both plot architecture arises founded the thesis that Zenú culture developed in the plains of Colombian Caribbean, is the first and foremost found by the Spanish culture in America. The approach supported by various historical records of the chroniclers of Indian, for which ancient writings had compiled more than 4 centuries, will unveil the mists of pre-Columbian history and conquest of America in its first phase, showing in effect as not only possible, their hypothesis, but also from the point of view of historical materialism, and modes of production, to try deeply Marxist philosophy, other hypotheses do not fit into a strict interpretation of the history of the conquest of America. It is worth noting the interesting approach to the so-called FARM PANTRY, an approach that develops a conceptual coherence much more finished than that of other historians who have addressed the issue, taking into account that the researcher provides a systematization of the historic records which bases its approach. Needless to note that in effect is the first to make a copy of differentiation between the different tribes who inhabited the Caribbean coast and the actual watershed Zenúes Cauca, Sinu, St. George and Magdalena, explaining the historical and economic reasons why Zenú ethnicity prevailed in that particular stage of the conquest, on the other indigenous communities. The researcher goes beyond entering sucitar land that may be controversial, but does so with great care based on the unique and indisputable sources "of history, when inexactitudes.Será raises some ground to boost research harder, when synthesis raising is to overcome the historical absolute, supported by auxiliary historical sciences such as paleontology, and metallurgy. If the indigenous communities have supported their work, so that means an altruistic vision Zenú people, who rescues her importance as the first American culture, there is no doubt that there has been an important and novel in terms of national history. Fdo.Emelina Avilez.Diaz. Professional University of Cordoba.